This site is very much UNDER CONSTRUCTION and will be changing and evolving a lot over time. This post is meant as an introductory explanation of our vision for the site and as an unofficial roadmap of things to come. 


Site form / Layout

This site is basically a collection of blogs formed around the topic of entrepreneurship in a developing economy. All the posts should / will have a focus on demystifying and explaining the process of starting up and running a business. As a blog this site is organized by the following:

  1. Main Blog (Homepage) - this is a collection of all the new posts on the site
  2. Bloggers - the posts of individual bloggers
  3. Blog Teams - these are posts of people bound by a common organization or company. The site pulls their posts together since they often build on one another
  4. Categories (see "Types of Content" below)



See our contributor policy for an explanation of the types of people we have / want contributing to this site and to see if you might fit in



It is our intention and wish for this site to be in the dominant languages in Moldova, Romanian (the national language) and Russian (spoken by a large minority) in addition to English. In practice, most posts are going to appear in whichever language the poster is most comfortable with. We'll try to keep the structural and navigation elements of the site up-to-date with translations but bear with us when we fall short (or... get involved as a translator).


Types of Content

Following the goals of the site posts all fall within 3 categories:

  1. Open Source Entrepreneurship - descriptions of the OSE idea and updates (this category will likely not be updated too frequently)
  2. Stories From the Field - This is a section for real entrepreneurs running real business in Moldova to share their experience, frustrations, lessons and insights with the community at large.
  3. Entrepreneurship Education - This is a section for people involved in the entrepreneurial education sector to write posts and helpful updates. It is distinct from the "Stories from the Field" section because these contributors are either not themselves entrepreneurs or are not writing "first-hand" about their business experience. Here you can find business planning tips and tricks, how-to articles, links and referrals to resources and much more.

We'll revise this section as the site grows but our initial thought is to keep this site focused on its goals by constraining the content to this.  


Is content from outside of Moldova allowed?

Maybe. Our focus on building this site right now is to be Moldova focused and that's about all we have time to develop and work on right now. That said, if you think you could be a valuable contributor (see this link) and you have a desire to do the legwork to get something set up in your region contact us