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Open Source Entrepreneurship

Category for information and updates on the Open Source Entrepreneurship Project. 

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So it's been 4 years 1 month since Matt and I arrived in Moldova. It's been 2 years since Matt, Vlad and I founded Smoke House SRL with the intention of opening a BBQ restaurant. And it has been 1 year since we opened Smokehouse. In that time we have accomplished a lot. Furthermore, we have seen a lot of change in Moldova - most of it for the better. There is new business and investment here; There are new products available in the stores and supermarkets; Most importantly, there are more and more expressions of cultural and personal expression that are breaking old norms and stereotypes and giving the feel of an ever more diverse and modern society. In short, we started out with a belief in Moldova and, in spite of all of the tumultuous events of the last years, we still have it. For that reason I want to introduce a project that we are working on that is near and dear to my heart. The Foreign Small Enterprise Alliance or FSEA


FSEA logocolored

you have literally no idea how long it took us to settle on this logo. I will punch the first critic in the mouth. That's a promise. 


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Types of Contributors

We're open to people contributing to this site as bloggers provided that they fall into one of the categories below:

  1. Active entrepreneur in Moldova who wants to blog about their startup process / experience
  2. Past entrepreneur in Moldova interested in sharing specific lessons and insights
  3. Entrepreneurial Educator in Moldova active with a recognized organization
  4. Business consultant who frequently works with Moldovan entrepreneurs and wants to share experiences / lessons learned

If you fit in above (or don't but wanna talk about getting involved anyhow) contact us!


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